Tantric Experiences

Tantra explores and celebrates sexuality, a key driver in life, with care and trust. It offers you connection, intimacy and truth. Steve offers a safe, clean, relaxing, discrete and private environment for experiencing tantra whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, or curious. Explore and be honest about what you want, what you desire and what excites you. Personal intimacy with another is one aspect to well-being. Love your body, know your body, listen to it and be mindful of your body. Tantra teaches you to use and enjoy your whole sexuality with sensuality and spirituality, accepting vulnerability, awakening the body, and openly communicating and connecting physically and emotionally with yourself and another. It is wholesome and transcendant.

Tantra training courses are also available to learn and practice tantra as an individual, for partners, friends and/or clients. These courses are flexible in length and dates, are provided as 1 on 1 training with Steve in the suite, and can include role models and home study. Learn how to balance, connect, cleanse, and explore your mind and body.