It Cold Outside - 5 skincare tips for the colder weather

Icy pavements, chilling winds, sky-high heating bills and frosted car windshields are all part and parcel of the winter experience. And here's another seasonal fact: your skin can suffer during the colder months too. Thankfully, Steve has everything you need to help fend off any winter grooming woes.Or, come in for a Men's Facial Treatment and let me ease the strain.

As the winter months sets in and the weather turns colder, windier and drier, a change in your skin care routine is necessary. Loss of moisture is the most obvious problem for skin in winter cold temperatures and drying winds do their part to lower humidity.

Likewise, conditions indoors are harsh on skin with arid central heating drying it out. Couple these issues with the fact that your skin produces less oil as you age and it's easy to understand how your skin can quickly become prone to dehydration. But there is hope...

1.Keep it clean

The very first thing to consider for your skin during the winter months is how you clean it. Forget about harsh soaps, this will only strip away natural oils and rob your skin of moisture even more. Instead, start and end each day with a mild face wash - your skin will feel clean without the feeling of tightness. Try Neals Yard Remedies Organic Men’s Facial Wash - A refreshing, mild facial cleanser especially formulated for men's skin. Gentle enough for daily use. Removes excess oil and debris from the skin's surface without stripping away vital moisture.

2.Keep it cool

Warm - not hot - baths or showers are better for your skin, especially during the winter season. Yes, it may be tempting to linger in a scalding shower but hot water doesn't get you any cleaner and more importantly, it strips the natural lubricating oils from your skin. After washing always apply a moisturising lotion while your skin is still damp and gently pat skin dry with a soft towel.

3.Drink Up

The first and foremost way to keep your skin healthy during the harsh winters is to keep it hydrated by maximising the intake of water. Since there is no loss of water from our body through perspiration during winters, we don’t feel much thirsty and hence the water intake goes down, causing the skin to get dehydrated.

4.Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Moisturising is a very important part of skin care not only for dry skin, but for all skin types. Most moisturisers are oil or water based, which help to retain water by locking the moisture on the skin's surface. While moisturising, make sure that your skin is damp, because then the pores will be open and will be able to absorb the product properly. Massage in using circular motions of your hand, while moving outwards and upwards. Look for natural ingredients and botanical extracts that will help to retain moisture and protect your skin from environmental hazards, such as wind and sun. Moisturisers containing essential oils such as lemon grass and mandarin for skin rejuvenation and antioxidant algae minerals, will nourish and protect, leaving the skin smooth and balanced. I recommend Neals Yard Remedies and The Shave Doctor's moisturisers.

5.Scrub up

A scrub deep cleans pores, removes blackheads and dead skin for a vibrant appearance. Exfoliating your skin periodically to encourage new cell growth is even more important in winter as it is in summer. In summer, skin tends to be oilier in response to higher temperatures and humidity, during winter there’s even more of a need to remove dry, dead skin. Try an exfoliating geranium and orange scrub, or one with Pomegranate or Mandarin and Black Pepper. Order online for home delivery.