The Inner Flute

At first the concept of an inner flute on a vertical line within your body may seem strange. To understand what I mean, imagine listening to a piece of music that has everything except the main instrument. It maybe rock and roll without the lead guitar, or Mozart woodwind concerto without the flute. You hear the rhythm, the piece is vaguely familiar, but somehow the essential element that would weave it together, set the mood and give the music soul is missing.

Often ordinary sex is like playing music without the main instrument. The exchange begins beautifully, but the crescendo is interrupted, or the instruments are poorly tuned and the experience is flat. Some element is missing that would allow the lovemaking to take off, to contain a “tune”. The Inner Flute is the instrument that will make your sexual energies “sing”. As you open the Inner Flute channel, you learn how to amplify your arousal and redistribute your sexual energy, your orgasmic sensations, to your entire body. Without the Inner Flute the sexual music played on the single instrument of the genitals could not expand so readily into a symphony in which the whole body becomes involved. Through this practice you will discover the fallacy of the popular belief that sexual orgasm is exclusively a genital affair.

Traditionally the Taoists have called this secret channel the Hollow Bamboo. We call it the Inner Flute because it can be experienced as an instrument on which we can teach ourselves and others to play the most ecstatic music. As the name suggests, it is an inner pathway that begins at the perineum – the point that lies between the anus and the genitals – and moves up through the middle of the body and the centre of the head to the crown.

Although the Inner Flute has not been recognised as an anatomical fact of life, it does follow the actual physical and neurological pathways through the body that connect the endocrine glands. These seven glands – the sex glands, adrenals, pancreas, thymus, thyroid pituitary and pineal – regulate the body’s vitality and energy flow. By opening the Inner Flute through the practices, you “irrigate” these subtle pathways producing an impression of vitality, rejuvenation and increased sexual energy.

To Tantric and Taoist masters, this approach to rejuvenation was well known, and the concept of the Inner Flute is mentioned in several ancient texts. In the book Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, W.Y., Evans Wentz describes an exercise in which the advanced mediator, learning the art of self rejuvenations, visualises a nerve canal; running from a point between his legs to the top of his head, possessing the following characteristics “redness like that of a solution of lac, brightness like that of the flame of a sesame oil lamp, straightness like that of an inner core of the plantain plant and hollowness like that of a hollow tube of paper”. We, too, will be using visualisation, because imaginary is a powerful way to influence physiology. Modern science is only just beginning to explore how this happens, but many people attest, for instance top the power of visualisation in healing common warts, and some doctors are teaching visualisation to cancer patients to heal the sick cells in their bodies.

The experience of the Inner Flute will never come through intellectual persuasion, but only through repeated experimentation. It cannot be explained scientifically, but the results demonstrate that it works. You may be sceptical. Please don’t let this prevent you from participating fully in the exercises. Here again, it is a question of practice making perfect. Many people never discover the bliss of High Sex simply because they cannot imagine that such a channel can be opened within them. Yet the potential from experiencing High Sex lies within everyone.

As you will see, the Inner Flute will not take anything away from the styles of lovemaking that you have already developed and enjoy. On the contrary, it will enhance them allowing you to modulate and expand your sensations and enabling you to choose from a variety of orgasmic experiences – implosive, explosive, localised in the genitals, expanded to the heart and the brain – that you will be able to develop through the tantric practices.

As a prelude to opening the inner flute, I would like you to consider more deeply the implications of opening a channel between the genital and the brain. To get a better picture of what I am describing, think of the wind blowing through the blades of a windmill. This turns the mill, grinding the grain that produces flour for bread that people eat. In a similar way energy that comes into the body through the through chakra for example, will stimulate the thyroid gland, affecting the growth of cells in the body and revitalising the respiratory system.

Several physicians including Dr John Pierrakos, author of the book Core Energetics and cofounder, with Alexander Lowerr of the Institute of Bioenergetics Analysis in New York, are currently conducting research using the traditional eastern system of chakras as a map of the body’s subtle energies. Pierrakos calls the chakra energy wheels and vertical centres shaped like funnels. B.K.S. lynegar, a modern Indian teacher of hatha yoga writes about the function of the chakras in this way “an antennae pick up radio waves and transform them into sound through receiving sets, chakras pick up cosmic vibrations and distribute them throughout the body”.

Pierrakos explains that the purpose of the centers is to draw energy from the surrounding atmosphere into the organism to charge it. “They [the chakras] are energy organs, as the kidneys and heart are physical organs and they are as vital to human health. The energy they draw in is metabolised by the organism and distributed through the body, down to the cell level.

It may be easier for you to understand your own sensations during the practices if you understand the possible ways in which sexual energy may be transformed as it moves through the chakras while you open the Inner Flute. You don’t have to believe in the existence of chakras however, to benefit from the practices.

Generating Sexual Energy

None of the chakras is isolated from the others. They function as an interconnected system, in which each one affects the energy of the rest. If one chakra is tense or out of balance, then the other chakras will be negatively affected and their vitality diminished. On the other hand if one chakra gets healed and relaxed, this promotes the revitalisation and expansion of the rest.

One of the benefits of the Inner Flute is that it can be used as an “irrigation system” to channel and distribute your energy more evenly to each chakra, promoting health and vigor. The more you can learn to stimulate your chakra’s by using the three keys, breathing, movement and sound, plus visualisation, the more your energy will expand. Think of your chakras as beds of flowers and the Inner Flute as an irrigation channel through which they can be watered. You, as the gardener must ensure that there is enough water to make the system work properly. That is why exercises are so important. They give you the energy you need in order to use the inner Flute to maximum effect.

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