Your Guide To Prostate Massage

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Your Guide To Prostate Massage

You may have heard of prostate milking, also known as prostate massage. It's sometimes recommended by doctors as a way to improve a man's prostate health, but it can also be quite pleasurable. You'll need to locate your prostate, sometimes known as a male G-spot, and the right tools for the job if you want a positive experience.

The goal of prostate milking is specifically to release prostatic fluid. This fluid is always present when you ejaculate, but men often experience a different type of orgasm from prostate massage, and the fluid they ejaculate is different.

Whether prostate massage helps you orgasm, it can still be pleasurable. But that's not the only perk.


The Benefits of Prostate Milking

1. Pleasure: Milking your prostate can be pleasurable. It can induce a more powerful orgasm, which leads us to our next point.

2: Multiple orgasms: Prostate play is one way for a man to achieve multiple orgasms and potentially last longer in bed.

3: Intimacy: Some men are hesitant to try prostate play, and we'll help you work through that with this blog information. But exploring the prostate can lead to increased intimacy between a man and his partner!

4: Health: There are a number of health benefist, not least because many men sit for long periods of the day which squashes and reduces blood and oxygen supply. The prostate can become infected, or cancerous. Using the prostate helps keep it healthy.


Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

If you have prostatic problems, you should consult with doctor first before trying prostate massage.

1. Prostate Massage for chronic prostatitis

Although scientifically not proven, gentle massage of prostate may help in chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS)

Prostate glands secrets prostatic fluid which needs to be ejaculated.  If this doesn't happen regularly, fluid gets stagnated which leads to inflammation. By doing prostate massage you are milking this glad to remove this accumulated fluid.

This helps to drain prostate gland and seminal vesicles and thus relieve the pain.

You should never do prostate massage when you have active infection or acute prostatitis. 


2. Prostate massage for premature ejaculation

Although, premature ejaculation is mainly psychological problem, chronic prostatitis sometimes aggravate it.

The prostate plays a central role in ejaculation and orgasm. 

Along with pelvic floor muscle exercise, external prostate massage helps in premature ejaculation.


3. Prostate massage therapy for erectile dysfunction ED

Erectile dysfunction is inability to get erection or maintain it for longer time.

Prostate massage was mainstream treatment for ED for many years before new modern alternatives like penis pump arrived.

Prostate massage removes stagnated fluid from prostate and thus help reduce infection. For some people, it might help to get erection as well.​


4. Prostate massage and prostate cancer

​The National Cancer Institute found that an average of 21 ejaculations a month cuts the threat of prostate cancer by 33%

Milking prostate can bring fresh blood and oxygen to it and keep it function properly. 


Preparing for Prostate Milking

Now that you're ready to milk the prostate, you should be fully prepared before diving in. This means:

Trim any fingernails.

Place a glove or condom over your finger if you'd like.

Lubricate your fingers and anus. A thick water-based gel will cushion penetration. Or you may opt for a thinner, silicone-based lube that will keep things slick for longer.

Of course, you'll want to make sure you don't need to use the bathroom, so pee and pooh before you start.

Being freshly showered helps; although, a wet wipe will suffice.

Some people like to go the extra mile and use a douche with lukewarm water over the toilet. You don't need an enema, but some people enjoy them both for their cleansing and kinky facets. A douche is not necessary because the prostate is located only about half an inch inside, whereas a douche cleanses the whole rectum, where the penis and larger toys will penetrate.


How To Use an Anal Douche

Ideal for anal sex and anal play, anal douches, similar to vaginal douches, eliminate filth from hard-to-reach areas inside the body. Except in the instance of an anal douche, the device removes any impurities to prevent infections.

Because the anal lining is delicate, any tears to its tissue can cause infections. Eliminating filth can reduce the chances of your catching an infection. And because these devices come in a variety of shapes and for differing experience levels, they offer the ideal choice for cleaning the anus before sex. Using a douche 45 minutes prior to intercourse will give your rectum time to de-stress before penetration, ensuring you are ready.

There are the features that you want to look for when buying an anal douche:

Spray Pattern: A vital part to any anal douche is its spray pattern. Some use a straight spray pattern, while others include a wide spray pattern. A wider spray cleans the anus faster and improves the effectiveness of removing filth from the sphincter.
Nozzle Design: Some products use a basic nozzle, and some include a grooved or beaded nozzle. The advantage (or disadvantage) is the grooves add pleasure for some, but for others can create discomfort. Meanwhile, the length and width of the nozzle too can prove useful for some. Longer, thicker nozzles can provide a more precise cleaning than shorter, thinner nozzles.

1. Clean the douche before using. The tissue of your rectal cavity tears easily, and any filth on the device can further the likelihood of an infection.

2. Fill the device with tepid water. Do not use scolding or cold water, or water with soap. Soap can irritate the anal cavity and cause infections.

3. Lubricate the douche and the anal cavity.

4. Position yourself over a toilet. Insert the douche into the anal cavity and squeeze the bulb to release the water into the rectum. Squeeze the bulb with ease. Notice how your body reacts to the water prior to squeezing more water into the body.

5. Remove the douche and release the water inside your rectum into the toilet.

6. Continue the process until the water remains clear and free from any filth.


Finding the Prostate

The prostate is internal, but it can be stimulated externally if you're not ready for penetration yet.

1. External Prostate Massage

You can stimulate your prostate through the perineum, the tissue between the anus and balls. This is also known as the “taint.” Pressing your finger or knuckle firmly into this spot should stimulate the prostate, and this is a great technique to try when you're going down on a man.

​2. Internal Prostate Massage

However, it might be easier to more directly find a man's prostate through his anus. Before penetration, take a deep breath and relax your body. It can help to push down with your sphincter muscles to aid in penetration. The prostate is located about 2 inches inside the anal canal toward the front of the rectum. An aroused prostate is firm and walnut shaped.

You might have trouble accessing your prostate with your own fingers through this method, so you can invest the help of your partner or a toy.

This video explains how to find male G spot and massage prostate


Positions for Prostate Milking

If you're finding your prostate a little hard to locate or it's difficult to achieve consistent stimulation, try one of these positions. If you have a partner massaging you, you can use your hands to hold your buttocks or legs apart for easier access to the anus.

1. Lying on your back, legs in the air: This position is good for partner play and inserting toys. Hold your feet apart with your hands to lift up your anus from the floor (if you have a partner).

2. Bent over furniture: Find a table, chair or sofa back that's the right height and bend over to explore your prostate! Lift one leg up onto the arm of the chair/sofa, or up onto the table top.

3. Lying on your side: Perfect for when you're in bed or on the sofa. Reach behind you or behind your legs to stimulate your prostate. Hold one leg up with your hands, or simply cock one leg (bend it at the knee) to keep it away from the other leg.

4. All fours: Get on hands and knees to make your prostate more accessible. This position is great for penetration from your partner.​

5. On your front: Cock one leg apart from the other leg (bend it at the knee).


Methods of Prostate Stimulation

Prostate milking or massage requires digital stimulation, and many people prefer the pads of their fingers for this exercise. Using the pad prevents the “poky” feeling you'd get if you use the tip of your finger. Of course, you'll want to be careful not to scratch with your fingernails, which is one reason why a gloved hand is ideal for prostate milking and nails MUST be very short.

Move your finger in 'come here' motion.

Try tapping your finger along your prostate or dragging it slowly outward to determine what feels good and how your body will respond to prostate stimulation. Many men enjoy prostate play by itself, but you can also stroke your penis with your free hand for a more intense experience.

Some men do not maintain an erection during prostate massage, even though it feels good. This is just fine.


Signs of Prostate Orgasm

As you start rubbing your prostate, you will feel contractions around your perineum (the area between the anus and balls).

You will get feeling of fullness in your urethra similar to urge to pee, but don't worry, it's just sensation: you will not pee.

You need to keep massaging your prostate as this not true orgasm. Inhale and contract, exhale and relax!

As you keep massaging, these contractions will spread beyond your genitals ​to pelvis and legs. Your whole body will shook as if you are having convulsion, feeling waves throughout your body.

When you reach orgasm, you will feel this warm rush of fluid evacuating itself from your pelvis through your urethra.

You might not get similar orgasm when you first try. You need to keep practicing.


Toys for Prostate Massage

If you have trouble reaching your own prostate or providing stimulation that's firm enough, there are a few toys you can consider.

Safety comes first, however. You should never use a toy without some sort of flared base or handle that can prevent it from slipping inside. This means no bullets or eggs.

You can use any flared dildo or vibrator for prostate massage; although, those toys with a curve are going to be best at milking your prostate. G-spot toys like the Pure Wand by Njoy can easily be commanded for prostate use. Just be sure to use a condom over the toy or only use a toy made from a material that can be washed.

However, there is an entire corner of the sex toy market dedicated to prostate stimulation, and these toys often have unique designs intended to get you the most out of prostate massage.

There are three brands in particular that manufacture prostate toys that are ideal for prostate milking: Lelo, Aneros and Nexus. These companies offers a variety of prostate toys, including those that are hands-free. The successful designs have often been imitated, however, so you can find more affordable versions on the market.

Prostate massagers are also known as prostate stimulator, prostate dildos, P spot or G spot vibrators. They are effective with the right shape and size, but there are other features that can upgrade your experience.

1. Prostate Curve

Most prostate massagers are similar to G-spot toys in that they have a curved and/or bulbous tip for intense P-spot stimulation. In fact, you can use a G-spot toy for prostate massage as long as you follow safety precautions.

2. Hands Free

Some prostate massagers can be used hands-free thanks to a design that stays in place once it's inserted.

3. Flared Base or Handle

This feature is a must-have with your prostate massager. A flared base like the one on a butt plug prevents your toy from slipping inside and getting lost, which could result in an embarrassing trip to the doctor!

4. External Stimulation

Toys from companies such as Aneros and Nexus include external arms that simultaneously stimulate your prostate from the outside when you move the toy with the handle. This can be more intense than internal stimulation alone, but you'll need to find a prostate massager that fits your anatomy for it to work.

5. Prostate Vibrator

Not everyone likes vibration on their prostate, but some men respond to it. You cannot easily replicate vibration with other toys or your body, so it may be worth adding a vibrating prostate massager to your collection. Plus, you can always use it without the vibration.

The more features you need, the more expensive your massager may be. However, doing your research will help you get the most bang for your buck. Remember that length and girth of these toys are not important for prostate massage as it is llocated close to the anus, and not deep into the rectum.


Taking Care of Your Prostate Massager

Although you may be well versed in using and taking care of a prostate toy, who can't use a refresher?

You'll want to use plenty of lube. If you want more cushion, choose a thicker water-based lube. If slickness is up your alley, opt for a long-lasting silicone based lube. You can apply it to the toy and your backside or just the toy. For toys that are silicone, perform a spot test before using silicone lube with the toy because a reaction could occur.

Rigid materials such as stainless steel, glass, plastic and even harder silicone should be handled with care.

You can cover your toys with a condom to make cleanup easier. After use, wash with warm water and soap. If you're the only one using the toy, you don't have to sterilize it. Store it in a cool, dry place. For jelly toys, storing in a plastic bag is optimum; otherwise, chemical leaching can occur.

If you plan to swap toys with a partner or with another orifice, then opt for materials such as silicone, metal or glass that can be sterilized. You can boil them or spray with a 10% bleach solution then rinse them off.


Does It Make Me Gay?

There is often a worry that liking prostate massage or any sort of anal stimulation makes a man gay, but this is unequivocally untrue. Yes, gay men may enjoy prostate milking more than many straight men, but it might just be that some straight men have yet to try it.

And if you're enjoying this activity by yourself or with your heterosexual partner, then it's certainly not gay!

You're certainly not alone in your discovery of rectal pleasure by stimulating the prostate gland and sensitive nerves around the anus — even if you didn't know that's what you were doing. When touched or massaged, the prostate — about a half-inch inside the opening of the anus — is a spot in men's bodies that heightens sensations during many a male masturbation session, including at the time of orgasm. Why here? This area is kind of like the Space Shuttle launch pad: it's where the fluids of ejaculation gather just before they take off up the shaft of the penis. The immense energy prior to lift-off, complete with all that smoke and fire, is analogous to the pressure and super-sensitivity around the anus just before you shoot your load into space, your partner, or wherever.

Many heterosexual men may never go there for a good time because associate any kind of anal contact with being gay. However, there are plenty of straight singles and couples alike who give and receive anal stimulation in different ways. Therefore, partaking in anal stimulation definitely does not equate to being a gay man. If you fantasize about sex with women while you pull your penis and probe your anus, well, that's pretty strong evidence of heterosexuality.

In the end, a your sexual orientation is far less important than your awareness and recognition that your body is yours to enjoy!


Ensuring the Best Possible Outcome

Lube is perhaps no more important than when playing with the back door.

Communication is equally important when your partner is massaging. Make sure your partner goes slow and respects your boundaries.If you're on the giving end, listen to your partner's vocalizion. Follow their actions and pay attention for cues, such as rigid muscles or a quick intake of air.

Even when playing on your own, you should proceed slowly and with caution.


My advice for prostate milking can open doors you never knew existed and pave the way for powerful orgasms.

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