The importance of sex to you

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In this post we will look at the very interesting question of the importance of sex. Not as much as a wider question, but much more a personal question. How important is sex to you? What about it is important to you? Quite fast, everyone that is confronting themselves with this question, will understand that we have to face at least two aspects. What do I feel about this question and how do I think that I have to respond.

Sex and sexuality are much more than what happens in our bedrooms or other places when our bodies are in lust and get together to find release. The complexity of our own perception of sex and sexuality comes from the fact that we are heavily influenced by our sociocultural environment. Our religion, our upbringing, and our very own experiences shape our cognitive understanding of what sex means to us.
Next to our cognitions, we do have urges that are physiological reactions that are partially predesigned by our genetic code as well as acquired through our own sexual history.

Sex varies in importance for all of us. For some, it’s absolutely essential to feel balanced and alive. For some, it is a burden that they have to undergo in order to make a partner and society happy. For others, it is not important at all.

To ask yourself how important sex is for you, is a very good exercise for many different reasons. Evaluating your own thoughts about this topic will show you how much we are usually influenced by external factors. I have to like sex because everybody does. Because I would not be normal if I wouldn’t think that sex is the absolute best part of our lives. But is that really the case? What about it is so essential to me? Not to others, but to me? Why do I need it so badly?

By asking yourself these questions, you will find a set of thoughts and beliefs that are your very own understanding of sex and sexuality. You might realize that sex is a way of releasing stress. Maybe it’s the thrill of seduction that does the trick for you. Some are enjoying the hunt and the conquering. Others connect with their partners emotionally stronger after and while they are intimate with their partners. Yet another aspect is the confidence boost that some feel when they have sex. The way they feel themselves in their bodies. The reasons and combinations are endless. 

After having defined what it is that you love about sex, the question is, what happens to you in the absence of sex or when it stops being good?

After having defined what it is that you love about sex, the question is, what happens to you in the absence of sex or when it stops being good? Quite often, we end up not only losing the sex part but also our entire belief system around it is in danger of collapse like a house of cards. Am I no longer man enough? Am I no longer desirable? What is wrong with me? What happened to my libido? Why am I no longer horny all the time?

Redefining and re-evaluating your own ideas about sex is a healthy self-check and a way of putting things into perspective. If you feel overwhelmed to do this work by yourself, it is a good idea to seek professional help. A lot of our problems come from bad sexual education or from bad experiences from our past. 

You might think now that it makes sense that people with a more or less negative sexual biography might be more prone to have a less well-developed interest in sex. Although that might bare some truth, rest assured that there are many people out there who even though they might describe themselves as sexually satisfied people, don’t put sex in the middle of their lives.

It is a matter of personal priorities. What works for one person might not for others. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but nevertheless, it is good for you to give this topic some thought. Even more so if you are in a relationship and you are being faced with the thoughts, urges, and needs of a partner. Discussing this question as a couple can bring up a lot of very valuable information. Make sure to listen carefully and not to judge or understand some of the aspects as criticism towards you. Stay open and don’t forget to look at this as an opportunity to get even more satisfaction and intimacy in your relationship.