Your Guide to Sexual Variety

Here at Man on the Couch, Steve offers a great variety of sexual activities to enjoy - in face there's a different one to select for every week of the year! Here are 52 ways to enrich your sexual playfulness with Steve, for extra joy with your sexual bliss and orgasm.

1. Wank over Steve's face and shower him with your hot seed

2. Wank over Steve's hole and arse cheeks and push it into his hole and see it dripping down his balls, wipe your cock in your own load and feed your cock and load into Steve's mouth 

3. Let Steve give you a BJ and swallow

4. Use the Gloryhole for anonymous oral and anal sex

5. Shower together and enjoy the hot water over your skin as Steve rubs his cock into your arsecheeks, his arms and hands wrapped around your neck and legs grinding the back of your legs as you face the shower wall.

6. Fuck hard and fast in the hallway 

7. Fuck slowly and sensually on the bed

8. Enjoy a sensual massage on the treatment couch with sensual accessories such as silk and vibrators, plus rimming, licking, sucking and kissing 

9. Get tied and teased, spreadeagle as you're lying on your front and back on the bed

10. Snogging only! Well, maybe with some romantic and compassionate talk inbetween

11. Rimming and prostate play with fingers, anal plugs and dildos and perhaps train towards being fisted, if you find the sensation so good!

12. Mutual undressing, nipple play and foot fetish, pit fetish, hair fetish - what gets you going?

13. Wrestle in the Nuru Gel pool

14. Stretch and try new positions with Tantric Yoga Touch on a floor mat

15. Learn sensual energy movement with Tantric Massage

16. Use Meditation to heighten sensuality and find peacefulness

17. Be blindfolded to heighten the sense of hearing, touch, taste and smell

18. Be tied to the chair and sexually edged while restrained and unable to move

19. Enjoy verbal demands and desires with Game of Requests

20. Enjoy a Body to Body super slippery Nuru Gel Massage on the bed

21. Learn how to safely stretch your muscles (such as the pubococcygeal muscles) to enhance sexual positions

22. Learn how to prevent ejaculation and become mulit-orgasmic with lingam edging and tantric massage

23. Try sexting with Steve with photos, messages and live videos

24. Take a digital film with your and Steve's camera phones, of your encounters at the suite to take home to watch yourself in action

25. Enjoy a full body sensual scrub and shower, to make your skin tingle, clean and fresh

26. Try a group tantra experience in the safe environment of Man on the Couch.

27. Do you already have a sexual partner? Bring him along and try out all these activtiies together and let it enhance your sexual play with couple's tantra

28. Try the spirituality healing of Reiki in your physical and emotional sexuality

29. Enhance your intimacy levels with yourself, friends and partners

30. Wear a chastity cock cage so you can't play with your penis

31. Be spanked, slapped, whipped, caned and paddled to make your arse tingle and red with Conscious Surrender

32. Let Steve use feathers, hot stones and electrostimulation pads for new sensations on your cock, balls, thighs, chest and back

33. Enjoy the taste of cum as Steve cums in your mouth

34. Snowball Steve's cum from within your mouth by feeding it back to Steve with a snog or dribble

35. Enjoy a session of penetrative sex on the treatment couch on your back and over the side

36. Suck and clean Steve's cock to taste your sexy hole and his load on his cock shaft after he's loaded your hole

37. Dress up in sexually arousing clothing such as leather harnesses, hoods, panties and stockings, corsets, long socks and boots

38. Try Watersports - Let Steve piss over your face and body, and funnel for a warm liquid directly into your hole

39. Do you have a regular fantasy you'd love to make happen? Try out your Fantasy Sexual Role Play with Steve - be a straight man seduced by a randy masseur; be a sports person requiring stretching that leads to sexual arousal; be a doctor's patient; be whoever you want and ask Steve to play his part.

40. Try masturbation together, each bringing themseles to their own climax with fleshlights and poppers

41. Learn how to give a full body sensual massage on the treatment couch

42. Practice using sensual accessories on a male model eg dildos, feathers, restraints, electroxtiulation, fleshlights, vibrators

43. Practice tantra at home with Steve's online tantric practice course

44. Learn how to edge a man's cock for a delightful male partner

45. Learn how to give a man a prostate massage with fingers, tongue, lips and toys

46. Learn about the chakras - the 7 main energy centres of the body 

47. Receive a chakra consultation about your own body's energy levels from Steve

48. Receive a Marma Chikitsa Massage focusing on your energy meridians (energy channels)

49. Learn how to give an Marma Point Energetic Massage

50. Learn how to give a Tantric Massage

51. Learn how to give a Body to Body Massage

52. Learn how to Tie and Tease a man